Friday, April 29, 2011

Thinking About Dogs

I've been thinking a lot about my dogs. I love them to death. I'm a bit concerned I'm not spending enough time with each of them. It's becoming clear that the best decision for the dogs is to let one move on to a new home. I've got to admit this creates a tremendous amount of anxiety for me.

How do you choose?

How do you choose which dog moves on? They all have their positive and negative qualities. They all have their own personalities, and they all love me dearly. I believe in listening to my heart, following my gut. And I can be very decisive. Not this time. I'm all in a jumble.

I feel pressured to make the right decision. To choose the dogs that are going to be "winners". To choose dogs that are going to be "perfect fits" for me. On the other hand, I love them all - just for who they are - the sheer pleasure of their company.

I've had some offers on Ryder. But can I let him go? It was never in my master plan to keep a male. But I love the look of him, his personality, the way he cuddles, how easy going he is, and how lovely he is to live with.

That leaves me with Reba and Diva. What's the right thing to do? Keeping them all isn't looking like the right thing, and as much as I hate this fact - it doesn't feel like the right thing.

I want to make a decision that's fair, just and right - for me and the dogs. I want to make a decision soon. So my heart stops breaking.

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The Canadian said...

Damn! THat is tough!! Those dogs are so lucky to have such a loving, dedicated mom! Good luck with your decision!