Sunday, March 5, 2017

Oh Hey!

Oh Hey!  Ya, you!  I know, I know... It's been a LONG time... I've been busy.  Things change.

Biggest change.  I'm a momma to an animal loving baby girl.

Next biggest changes - animals have gone, and animals have come.

I still have Ryder and Diva.  They are proving to be shockingly good with the baby girl.  I jokingly call Diva "Dog Mom".

Whiskey was laid to rest in the "back 40".  It was time and I felt such a release of stress upon making the decision.

Marnie or "M" has been a frequent flyer at the vets after a failed attempt at breeding, followed by a severe infection, followed by an AI attempt this year.  M will be foaling June 2017.

Abby or Miss Abigail arrived.  Abby is a sweet loving mare who crossed my path at the right time.  She's been a traveling girl as she's participated in a study at a not so local university.  Great opportunity for us as it included an MRI.  I have plans for this mare.  Or at least I think I do...

Johnny - he came and now he's going... I took him in trade after being on the wrong end of a shady horse deal.  The mare that I traded for him went back to being a broodmare.  Now, with time being an issue and wanting to spend my money elsewhere he is up for sale and tentatively sold.