Saturday, November 30, 2013


Today I submitted my capstone.  This means I'm on track to receiving my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership.  In approximately four weeks I'll have more letters to string behind my name.  In approximately four weeks I won't have any more papers to write or classes to go to.  For two years I've lived in a permanent tired state.  I've been short on time and cash.  My poor dogs suffered long stints of no training or exercise.  The horses were sacrificed.  Sent on to better homes with people who had time and energy to do them right.

Whatever will I do?

I'll take Ryder to an agility class.
I'll read for pleasure.  Renew the county library card I've let lapse.
I'm investigating finding a lease horse to ride a couple times a week.
I'll take yoga classes.  Drink coffee with friends.
I'll dust off my very nice skis and head to the mountains.
I'll sit and watch the world move past.

I'll savour the moment.  And yes, I'll probably find some other class to take.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

And There's The Turn

Life is never stagnant.  The road you travel never seems to stay straight.  Just when you think you've got it figured out... Bam! Unexpected twist. You may know that Honey has moved in with me and the fur family.  What you may not know is that he as an eleven year old son.  J lives with his mom and we get him part time.  J's mom called today.  They have a nine month old puppy Shar Pei.  Maggie.  Well, J's mom also has a baby, and two other young children.  Do you see where this is heading?

Long story short, J's mom can't handle the puppy.  J loves this creature in the way little boy's love their dogs.

A question was asked.

A conversation had.

And a tentative solution to the problem found.

Maggie will move in with us beginning at Christmas break.  When J comes here, he'll bring her and we'll start the transition for all the animals.  I'm investigating puppy classes to take her to.  J and I will do that together.

One thing is for sure... Life is never dull around here.  (Did I mention she as NO training???) Let the good times roll...

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Soon I will have cute pictures of my fur family.

Soon I will have time.

Soon Ryder's interventions will work.  His ThunderShirt and pheromone defusing collar will help him gain weight and stop stressing.

Soon I'll stop worrying about the dogs.  Right?

Soon, I'll work Diva on sheep and Ryder will get consistent agility training.

Soon, right?

Soon Whiskey goes to the farm for the winter.

Soon my father will stop calling me to check on the horse.

Soon Honey will be moved in and regular routines will once again be established.


Soon I'll crack down and finish my Capstone (thesis).

Soon, it's due December 3rd.

Soon I'll finish writing report cards and have free evenings.

Soon, the due date is in two weeks.

Soon I'll regularly get my exercise.

Soon I'll stumble upon the right antibiotic for the infection I'm fighting.

Soon, right?

Soon I'll have time to read for pleasure.


Everything is soon.