Friday, April 8, 2011


We've had a week of gorgeous sun and I'm enjoying every second of it! Yesterday, after work I (with mom's help) took the dogs for a walk down the road. Mom usually takes Reba and Tessa, and I take the two pups. I was a bit naughty as I didn't work on the heel with the babies like I normally do. Instead I tied the two leashes together and had one handle for both, letting them walk a stride in front of me and just to the side.

Mom and Tessa turned around at the 1/2 mile mark. Tessa can't handle going much more than 2.5 km (about a mile) before she starts to drag her feet. Literally. It was so nice out I grabbed Reba and continued on with the three dogs. We ended up doing about 4.5 km. Not a massive walk by any stretch of the imagination but I was very aware of time, not wanting to over do it with the babies. I had asked the vet about starting to run with them and she said no more than 30 minutes. (Don't want to damage those growth plates.) When I returned to the house I brought the dogs in. I wanted to do some training with Ryder and Diva. Continue playing our game of Lie Down and Okay with treats.

I wiped down the feet and funneled them into the great room (its big), as I used one foot to pull off my Bogs (lined rubbers) I was gripped with the most intense pain! My leg felt like it was being torn in two! Swearing and moaning, I clutched it, causing Ryder great distress as he came whimpering to my feet. As the pain abated, I sat and once again tried to remove my boot, causing a shot of agony. My calf and hamstring were shrieking. Bearing down I carefully yanked the boot off. Trying to stand my leg buckled and let out another wail of pain. Mincing my way to the coach I gave the dogs their Bull Sticks. Flopping down, I propped the leg up. Ye gads, what the crimminey did I do???

I spent the remainder of the night sitting on the coach. I was able to do limited weight bearing on the offending leg. Today, I'm limping away. I must tell you, this certainly puts a crimp in my style! Here's hoping it fades quickly...

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MTWaggin said...

Ice ice ice darling! Be careful and I guess you are now FORCED to pause! :)