Monday, April 4, 2011

Like A Skunk

Like a skunk. Reba and I stink like a skunk. Yep. That bad. After three days of "dog time", straight up herding, I've come to the conclusion that the wheels most certainly have fallen off the bus. I'm not entirely sure what happened to my nice little dog. The quiet one with the great outrun and willing to work personality. This hard headed hyper one can go. I'm sure that I'm a large part of the problem. That's usually how it works. I was equal parts horrified and embarrassed when I realized how poorly she was working. I was reprimanded for not immediately correcting her behavior. What can I say - I was in shock. My reaction time was a bit dull. Last night I called Abe, almost in tears, asking him when he could take her because I was obviously wrecking her. He reassured me that I should keep working. That it was very likely a spring aberration and everything would settle down with more work and exercise. I'm sure hoping. The only other variable is the herbs I've been giving her. She's been on them for close to a month now, and has been acting strangely the last week or so. I don't like it. I'm pulling her off the herbs, simply because her personality is all wonky. She's not acting like herself and that's the one thing I've changed. I'd far rather have my quiet cranky dog, then this hyper kind of friendly dog. I've been watching the daylight in the mornings. In another week or so I should have enough light to get in a quick run before work. This should help her burn off some energy. All I know for sure is that this stinks. I hate not being good at what I want to do. And I'm frustrated with her which isn't fair. I need to take a deep breathe and get back to the basics. I've not done a good job with Reba. Tessa's training was far better. My plan is to focus on one skill and work progressively on it until she goes to Abe. Once at Abe's she'll get regular intensive work and should settle down. And now I'm frustrated with Blogger which won't let me publish with paragraphs. Grrrr....

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