Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roxy Resolution

Roxy has been at Cedar Crest for the last two weeks. And I've been there once. Having Roxy home has put additional pressure on my schedule. My already packed schedule. Thinking, I called up Jason. He's going to put some feelers out and help me work on selling her. She's not worth as much now, but it will alleviate some of my issues. Today I plan to go ride her. I do plan to try and ride every day this week. Will it happen? Not sure about that. My biggest problem is I have to decide between riding her or working with the dogs. I just don't have enough time for the animals I have and something has to give. That something is Roxy.


Rising Rainbow said...

Well, I hope the feelers work if that's what you want.

The Canadian said...

I think u r turning into a hell of a good dog trainer and I know you'll be happy u chose to focus on the pups!

Lindsay said...

:( And here I was sitting around, trying to figure out how to revamp MY life so I can maximize the time I put into Lex to see how much we can learn, without giving anything up. Actually, I contemplated giving up the real job, but that would cause financial issues, and I contemplated horses but got blasted by too many friends for the idea of giving them up.... so I figured, well, Andrea is managing both beautifully!

Good luck, though. If you want to email me a couple of pictures of her undersaddle, and what you'd like for her, I can pass that info around the barn and see if they know of anyone who may be interested. polysbanner at serbernet dot com.

It was good to meet you this past weekend. Thanks for the help and ideas!

Country Girl said...

Roxy is not a good fit - emotionally and physically for me. I believe there's no shame in recognizing that a good horse doesn't have to be MY horse. lol

If she wasn't young and needy, I'd do better. If I didn't have two young dogs and 1 young horse I could manage. I just don't have time to do everything justice. And I want to.

I also want to run and take care of myself. lol

MTWaggin said...

It must be spring and all the busy it brings as I was thinking last night that I really need to ramp up finding a home for Star (the crested) - our one interested home backed down this weekend. Sigh. I too am trying to figure out how to get it all done! :) Nice to know it isn't just me.