Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Diva's Class

On Monday nights, Diva and I head into the city to attend an agility groundwork class. Basically we play games, learn new skills and she gets exposed to a variety of different obstacles. It's funny, Diva, the shy reserved girl should not be good at this. But she is. She has been gaining confidence with every day. She happily hops up on the table and sits. She runs through the tunnel. She'll even stand on wobble boards, wiggle seats, and exercise balls (with hind on ground). She is a smart, smart cookie. When we switched skills - we had been standing on the wobble boards - to the jumping part (no higher than her ankles), she walked up to the jump and put her paws on it. I really shouldn't laugh but it was funny to see. You could tell she was tired because she was getting silly. She'd look at me with this happy expression - saying look at what I can do. While she loves to jump things at home, she wasn't overly interested last night. I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do next week. So much fun, playing with the pups.

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The Canadian said...

awwww, I bet u get lots of lol moments in class!