Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Surprise Ending

Whiskey provided a surprise ending last Sunday.  With virtually no signs other than being lightly bagged up, during a snow storm and cold temperatures, out in the field, she foaled.  It's a lovely and correct little filly.  Initially I had thought I'd want to keep this foal as a Whiskey replacement.  Guinness was a lovely baby.  He was quiet, gentle and by the one day mark I had mauled him and loved him all over.  This little baby... not so much.  She tucks her tail and prepares to buck when you try to touch her.  Whiskey is also much more nervous with this baby.  Less enthused with anyone attempting to touch her baby.  It's interesting to me how different things are.

Two Hours Old.

I haven't wrote much about Whiskey because I've been worrying about her.  You see, due to the neglect she experienced she was very lame on her front.  I've had reports that her feet were six inches too long.  This has caused some tendon/ligament damage.  I'm hopeful that with the baby weight now carrying itself around that she'll start to feel better.  She's getting regular trims and I also have a lady coming out to do some massage/muscular work with her.  I'll keep you posted once I hear what she thinks.  

Now I wait.  

I'm leaning towards selling the baby, I'm not in love with it's temperament and its a ghost of my mistake in letting these breeders have Whiskey.  Another negative is I wasn't in love with it's half sister (Roxy).  I may be best served in taking the time and money to fix Whiskey up, breed her next year (I'm thinking either a rebreed to Guinness' dad or to a Painted River Ranch stud.) and get my "riding" horse that way.  I'll wait out the summer and see if more time helps.  

More pictures to come...