Sunday, April 6, 2014


It appears my darling Whiskey may be a little further along than expected.   Dad called me to come look at her today.  You see, she is bagging up.   Her hind is looking "soft".  What this means is no June baby.  It is looking like an April or early May baby.  The baby watch is on.  I'll be burning up the miles to the farm.  While dad has calved countless calves, he has no experience with horses.  Giving him a crash course in what to watch for I reassured him that he would know when it was her time.  I gave him a heads up of when a vet would be needed.  In the meantime, I will drive.  And when she's "waxing" up I just may decide to stay there.  Fingers crossed for healthy baby delivered safely.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer of Dog

I have decided that this will be the summer of dog.  While the sale of the acreage has fluffed up my horse fund, I think I'm going to focus on one project at a time.  The dogs are creeping towards four years old!  And neither of them are finished stock dogs.  This was not the plan...  Life sure has a way of interfering with what you think you'll do.  My goals for the spring/summer seasons are as follows:

1) Continue to take Ryder to agility classes.  When he is ready step into competition.  I'm anticipating this won't be this summer.

2) Work both dogs regularly on sheep.  I think it's great exercise and great for their brains.  Work on finishing both dogs.  Ryder is scary close.  In fact, Ryder could easily enter an arena trial or run a novice field.  Diva is a little further back. 

3) Get Diva entered into a trial or two.  This is going to be her thing.

4) Take Diva to Gisela's classes.  I think it's good for her brain, even if it's not her thing.  It's the same reason Ryder will stay on sheep. 

5) There's a clinic in Saskatchewan that I have my eye on...

I'll slide out to Ken's to get my horsey fix when I need it.  No decisions of a horsey kind will be made until after Whiskey foals. 

Welcome to the summer of dog!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Love

Whiskey is looking pregnant these days.  I was out at the farm, in my town boots trying to convince her to come visit with me.  But alas, she decided she should remain on the straw pile rather than stomp through the mucky goodness that is an Alberta barnyard in the spring.  She is shedding copious amounts of hair.  It cracked me up how short she looks in this picture.  (She stands a comfortable 15.3 - 16 hh.)  I'll have to measure her properly one day. 
When I stand and watch, I wonder.  I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl.  I wonder when she'll foal.  I wonder what color the baby will be.  I wonder if I'll fall in love and keep it.  Honey and I've talked about it.  Me keeping it.  If it's a filly, and I can find someone to play with it the next year or so, I'll keep it.  If it's a colt I'll work at finding him the perfect home. 
I'm impatient.  I want the baby, hooves on the ground. Now.