Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Horse Trader?

While I lived in the wild and woolly west, I learned the value of a good trade. There the horse trading was an art form practiced almost daily. It was living in Consort, surrounded by hard core cowboys that I learned how to dicker, how to evaluate, develop a valuation and use my poker face. All this was usually done over a case of beer in an office reeking of cigarette smoke.

Yesterday an opportunity dropped into my lap. I have Roxy posted on Kijiji. A lady contacted me asking what I'd be willing to take in trade. Interesting question that. The funny thing is I'm not really looking for anything specific. Broke, safe and sane are my requirements. We exchanged a flurry of emails, before progressing to the phone. She's interested in Roxy and has a ranch type mare she'd like to trade. Now I'm well aware this other horse is very likely not as athletic. It's priced a bit lower than Roxy. And I'm okay with this. Simply because I recognize the fact that what's the right horse for me at this point in my life might not be the right horse for the lady wishing to rehome her. And I recognize the fact that I'm not the right owner for Roxy at this point in her life.

On Monday, I'll load up Roxy, head to Sangudo and maybe do some horse trading. Think I'm crazy? Perhaps, but this is how I ended up with Whiskey.

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The Canadian said...

Oooo, love it! Love that you are willing to take risks and try anything! This is what give you awesome stories to tell and adventures to have!!