Monday, April 4, 2011

Puppy Works

On the weekend I hauled Ryder with me to Valleyview. I thought he could use some exposure. He ended up getting two works and showed a tremendous amount of improvement. At this point I believe he just needs confidence. On Sunday we went to Waseteneau to work sheep. I brought both pups. A reputable and skilled trainer was going to be there and he'd asked to see the pups. Because I was worried about Ryder I wanted an "expert" opinion. And I got it. Ryder's going to be okay. In fact, with time he might just be excellent. Diva was a wild child. But showed her willingness to work. She was a little fart to catch. Very interested in the Barbados sheep - she'd never seen one before. The trainer will take one of the pups in July. Right now it looks like he's most interested in Ryder. I turned down two queries of purchase for Ryder this weekend. I'm obviously not a good business person. But I'm really undecided if I want to sell him. I know one dog needs to go. I don't have time to work with three. But Ryder will go to a special forever home if I decide to sell him. In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away.

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The Canadian said...

Sweet! That sounds like a nice positive end to the weekend after Saturday's frustration!