Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roxy's Post

I've posted some pics of Roxy. *psst - She's for sale!* She's currently living the good life in the barn. Not that I've had time to do anything too exciting with her.

This picture brings to mind, "Look at that ass!"

Yep, looks like Spring...

Enjoying some dinner.

Not cooperating when I was trying to take pictures. She kept coming up to the camera with her nose, or walking right up to me.


Rising Rainbow said...

I thought sticking a nose into the camera was some kind of instinctual thing for horses. All of mine seem to do it. LOL

Here the hair starts to drop and then the temps drop too and all shedding stops. I'm thinking my horse isn't going to be shed out until June if this keeps up.

The Canadian said...

She's a cutie for sure!