Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking the Plunge

While I'm a fairly confident person, there are times risk taking becomes a challenge. When I don't have a fairly good guarantee of success I'm a bit more hesitant to take the plunge. So here I am, taking a deep, deep breathe, preparing to take a huge leap of faith. One I have no guarantee of success at. It involves an admission TEST! My school division has a program called "Leadership for Tomorrow" and I plan to apply. Scary bit is they don't accept everyone who applies - only the best make the cut! I'm a bit worried that I don't fit into that category... This week I'll be writing the aptitude test, fine tuning my application and hoping I meet the criteria for the program. A program developed to create leaders. Leaders such as administrators or leaders such as consultants. I love my classroom and have no plans to leave it right now. Down the road? Who knows. Here's hoping I make the cut! (Won't know until May.)


MTWaggin said...

Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck!!!!:)

The Canadian said...

Yoy go, girl