Friday, April 15, 2011

Snooze Button

With a nasty spring storm blustering its way around, I brought the dogs in last night. I had thought it was going to blow over. Ooops... Poor dogs spent the day outside in the runs while I went to work. (They had houses.)

Here's Diva having a snug on the couch with her wet spiky hair.
Reba curled up in Tessa's bed.
Ryder, who refuses to share the couch with Diva.
Diva, who loves the couch, even when she looks hard done by.
Diva even spent the night inside. I didn't want her outside, it was nasty and damp. She spent the night in a crate in my room and was awesome! No squeaking, or pooping! Phew!


The Canadian said...

Those r the luckiest dogs I know! :)

Sandra said...

Awww, they love the couch, don't they? :)