Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Don't Feel So Good

"Mama, I don't feel so good." are the words that strike terror into all parent's hearts. Especially when said in the middle of the night. These are the words that mean lack of sleep and messes to clean up. Equally powerful, and sure to yank even the soundest sleeper out of bed are the sounds of a dog retching on the carpet of your bedroom.

This is where in panic stricken voice, you try to encourage the dog down the hallway and out the the door, where they can puke in peace and where you don't have to clean it up. Then you groggily wander back to view the damage. Gagging, you'll bend down with paper towel and try to scoop and sop up the mess. Next, you'll put down a cleaner of some type and leave a towel on the spot - in the hopes you don't step in it.

And if for some reason your dog is able to open the Cod Liver Oil jar and drink most of it, you'll spend the next 48 hours routinely cleaning up nasty regurgitations and hope if it comes out the other end the dog makes it outside. You'll put the dog in jail, hoping to limit the ravages on your flooring, until listening to the pitiful cries weakens your resolve, and you release the offending beast back into the bowels of the house.

Finally, you'll pray for this to end. For it all to pass, before your Easter guests arrive and fill your house.


MTWaggin said...

So who was sick and did it end before the company arrived? Inquiring minds want to know (that we aren't the only ones that suffer with sick dogs).

Country Girl said...

Tessa. And I ended up calling the vet she was so ill. PeptoBismal to the rescue! If that didn't work she'd have to go in. Poor little muffin!