Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whiskey's Belly

I've been having some agonizing moments when I'm out doing chores. With Whiskey pregnant I've wanted her to have enough food and nutrients to grow the fetus, but not so much that she becomes obese. I fully realize that many people just feed their horses and don't think about it. But I do. I worry that if she's packing too much weight it will make for a difficult delivery come May.

So I feel along her ribs. They seem okay. She's a bit plump - definitely not working lean, but not fat. I can feel the ribs... Ugh... Normally, I like my horses to carry just a bit extra in the winter. That way if we have a cold snap they have some reserves to use if needed. My horses live outside. They have shelter, quality food, automatic water, and if the weather is particularly nasty I'll blanket to cut the wind. Ugh... the whole pregnancy thing is throwing me off my game... I suppose I'll ask Sam (vet) next week when I see her what she suggests.

Darn belly freaks me out!


MTWaggin said...

Ahhh ma! That's baby belly - how wonderful and I can't wait for May baby pictures!

The Canadian said...

I feel like Whisky looks!! :)

Country Girl said...

I think the baby was sitting funny - because the next day - waaaaaaay less belly. The size of it completely freaked me out. She's a maiden so shouldn't have such a large belly this early in the game. I read the fetus does most of it's growing in the last three months.

Thanks for the comments! :)