Monday, January 24, 2011

The Dark Side

Lately I've been considering a slight move to the dark side. I've been having some serious fun with the pups and am considering my options once the basic obedience class is over. I'm considering.... *dah doom dah doom dah doom~ in scary music* putting the babies in an intro to agility class.


I know. Shocking AND revolutionary!!!

For a herder anyway.

But I wouldn't mind having something else to do with them through the long winter months, when work and daylight make herding sheep hard. Don't get me wrong - I've absolutely done it with the help of a yard light, head lamp and some reflective material on my dog. But it's really not quite as fun or effective as training in daylight. Sooooo... this leads me to See Spot Run. I'm enjoying the class. Not only am I learning stuff and adding to my strategy tool box, but I like that it gets the babies out. I like that they are exposed to a variety of things. I want them to be well rounded dogs. And I think that doing some of the agility stuff may help them. They would certainly be exposed to a variety of things.

Realistically, I won't start Diva on stock until May. And I don't plan to start Luke until July or August. (I read an article that said males are often slower growers and mental maturer's and I'd like to give him the best shot possible.) Diva has potential as a nursery dog (a dog who competes in herding trials under a specific age allowance). So that leaves me with 4 months for Diva and 6 for Luke. All to play, develop, experience and become well rounded dogs.

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The Canadian said...

Wow! Look at you go!! I think well rounded Dogs are the best!! Yours will certainly be!!! You are the best kind of trainer, one who is just as willing to LEARN as you are to teach!! Kudos to you!