Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heart Sick

I was sitting and relaxing, when the phone rang. It was Grace's new home! Nick (her owner) was asking whether I still had the other female puppy. I do. But I don't want to sell her. Wondering why he was enquiring about another dog, I asked how little Grace was doing.

The news was not good. Tuesday night when they were on their way back to the house after milking cows, Grace raced ahead. This was not like her and he wondered why. A stray German Shepard came into the yard and attacked Grace. When Nick got to her, it was too late. Grace was gone forever. He thinks the stray broke her neck.

This was an awful thing to hear! My heart sank. I couldn't believe it. He was sick to his stomach. He told me what a wonderful dog she was turning into. It was clear this dog had a special place in his world. I told him I'd get on the phone and see if I couldn't find him another, knowing that I didn't want to give Diva up. Calling Ken, who has some pups I asked if he had a female left. He did but he needs to talk it over with Keira his daughter. I called Keith who just had a litter. He also needs to talk it over. So when I called Nick back, I told him, if we can't find another female, I would let him have Diva. I just feel so incredibly bad for him over the situation. He plans to keep his new dog at my place until he can catch and remove the stray. Permanently.

Today, I am heartsick.


Chelsi said...

I am so sorry Andrea... my heart hurts for you and poor little Grace. I hope you find a pup for him but that you get to keep Diva too...

Keep your head up.



MTWaggin said...


After your post yesterday - maybe JUST MAYBE this is why you were hanging on to both puppies. The universe does work that way sometimes you know. Sorry but that was what first came to my mind. I'm so so sorry to hear about the accident and I do hope they work to trap the stray at the very least. ;0(

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear this Andrea... :(