Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soiled Myself

What's the deal with today?? Is it because it's full moon?? After, lets say, an interesting day at work, I rushed home while it was still daylight to enjoy the stunningly warm weather and take the dogs for a walk.

I wanted to try and do my 3 mile (5K) route. I put Tessa's boots on, put collars and leashes on everyone else (less Bella) and began soaking it all in. Tessa's been touch and go when it comes to soundness so I've been allowing her to run on the road along side the rest of us. (Rather than in the ditch.) After about a 1/4 mile I could see a car approaching. So I called "ditch" which is Tess's command to hit the ditch. Reeling in leashes like a champion fisherman, I directed the rest of the pack into the ditch. Tessa had moved closer to us. But she was still on the road. Again, I commanded "ditch" only to watch in absolute horror as she backed onto the road!!!!! Holy crap!! That car was getting progressively closer, lunging up the incline I used one arm to shove the rest of the dogs into the ditch, reaching out with the other to snag any part of Tess I could reach. Shoving her in the ribs I basically threw her into the ditch, where I trapped her between my legs.

Educating anyone within hearing with my creative word usage I stared at her. What the moss heating son of a gun just happened? When we met the next car I was much more cautious and had her nice and close to me, but I still had to drag her into the ditch. This is the dog who for years has run off leash with me while I rode, ran, skied, walked, biked, (insert any other outdoor activity). I swear I soiled my pants it scared me so bad. Obviously I'm going to keep her on leash now.

Last Saturday we had gone to the vet and got an improved bill of health. But we did talk about what I like to call "Doggy Dementia", which Tess is showing signs of. Clearly. She seemed so confused tonight. It was like she couldn't figure out what was road and what was ditch.

We managed our walk without death or dismemberment, and made it home to do chores. I've been taking the pups with me into the corral while I feed. My rationale being that it won't be a strange place and they'll be comfortable working with me in that environment. After I finished forking all the hay, and giving the babies cuddles by my round bale, I began walking past the animals, towards the gate. May I just point out that this is normally not an issue.

Tonight, as I called the babies to follow me, Diva walked up to a sheep eating from a pile of hay. She gave him the eye-ball. He gave her the eye-ball back. I called her. And she leaped at the sheep, sinking her teeth in his nose. Again, I about messed my pants! Jolted into action, all kinds of awful scenarios - like my pup being ground into the ground - I called again. By the time I reached the duo, she had sent the sheep running the opposite direction and was looking plenty pleased with herself. Not wanting to scare her, I called and ran the other way. When she returned to my feet I gave her another cuddle.

But holy stink bombs! She's not supposed to do that! Not yet anyway. I swear if I looked in the mirror I'd find a few more grey hairs...

And yes, she'll be on a leash, tied to my waist from now on. Gawk. I couldn't take another night like tonight...


MTWaggin said...

It's the full moon (Diva) and for your older gal - Tara is having those same moments - and hearing loss will cause some of those as well.

Jennifer said...


Hey I went to take a look for long wasn't at UFA it was at Hound Junkie in LLoyd. Is it just a really long leash?

Country Girl said...

The long line is basically like a long leash, only out of a light material. I make my own because I'm cheap. I buy the cord and tie it onto a snap, then burn the ends to keep them from fraying.

Country Girl said...

I know her hearing is a concern. It's getting worse. She has these moments where phantom things make her start barking. We're considering putting her on Chlomicalm (like prozak for dogs). To try to help the anxiety.