Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Out of necessity, I've become a juggler. On the weekend I decided the dog beds were about due for a wash. I know Tessa leaks. What I didn't realize was just how bad it had gotten. The beds were disgusting. The only one that was relatively ok was Reba's and that's simply because Tess doesn't tend to lie on it. Pulling off the covers I shoved them into the wash. Next, I proceeded to spray a cleaner, then hand wash the foam "bed" part. Ugh.

Deciding she had to wear diapers again resulted in a restless night's sleep for me. I could hear her tearing bits and pieces of diaper off of her bottom. In the morning, I had the pleasure of picking up diaper bits - and yes, some were pee colored. Yuck.

Today, I zipped out of work quickly and went to the vets. After a phone consultation at noon, they had a baggie of drugs waiting for me when I arrived.

Here's Tessa's list of dope:
Meloxicam (think doggy Advil) - taken on an as needed basis, usually 3-4 times a week.
Clomicalm (think doggy Prozac) - taken twice a day. (Vet thinks anxiety may be part of the problem.)
Stilbesterol (can't think of a human equivalent - but it's to help her incontinence) - taken once a day.
And on order, PP something or other - another drug for incontinence.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? I'll be juggling her drug routine to try and help her to be as healthy as possible. I had really wanted to avoid the drugs - but her confusion, stress and leaking just have to be dealt with. To top it off, all the dogs were dewormed today.

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