Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On The Fence

I had an email last night. It was a person enquiring about the pups. They wanted to know if I had any left to sell. I'm really on the fence about that. On one hand if someone wants one I really should bite the bullet and choose one. On the other hand I really like them both and wouldn't mind seeing them develop further. The other consideration is come summer, if I still have the two pups, and Reba... I would consider selling Reba to the right home. I just worry I don't have enough work for her.

There are so many factors to consider. So many variables that could change or influence things. What's the right thing to do? The business smart thing is to take the money and run. But my heart says hold on to the pups and make a decision down the road. I'm pretty confident they're going to turn into good working dogs. But - you never really know. There are no guarantees.

Ugh. I wonder how she got my email. I shouldn't have any active ads.

Stay tuned for a decision...


BobbieNoSocks said...

I say keep 'em both. Gotta have friends.

MTWaggin said...

You don' thave to have active ads to have puppy inquiries - you know that and what a compliment! Meanwhile, if yoiu want to wait to see how they develop - then wait! I don't know that you are as on the fence as you think. You have a plan and it is a sound one!