Saturday, January 1, 2011

Town Time

With my mother's assistance, Luke, Diva and I headed into town. The goal: exposure to other dogs, people and things. Things that they will never see on the farm. First stop was PetSmart where I had to pick up doggy diapers for Reba (she's in heat right now - yucky!), and where we also swung by the toy aisle to get a few more toys for the babies.
Next, we went to one of the public park areas in Sherwood Park. It was wildly busy there! Luke was a wild man today. Normally he's a pretty good leash walker, but today he was full of himself. Bucking bronco, straining at the end. But he was happy and other than barking at a dog that was wildly barking at him he was a little champion. He's certainly showing signs of having a come what may attitude.

Diva was priceless. At PetSmart she wouldn't walk on the asphalt. Cement was okay, but where the cars drive... pancake time! In the park she was pretty good, very alert and interested in her surroundings and walking like a lady on the leash. Well, until we came to the wooden bridge over a frozen stream. We made it about a 1/4 way across when she went into pancake mode. She desperately wanted to go back the way we came, but I persevered and we eventually got her to cross the bridge - scooting along on her belly the entire way! You should have seen how proud she was when we reached the safety of "solid" land. It was a belly laugh moment.

Both pups traveled well, and didn't destroy or have any accidents in my truck so I was pretty pleased with that. Overall, I'm quite tickled with how they're handling things. I plan to take them to town again on Sunday, and Monday brings our first puppy class.

Sorry, no pictures. It was snowing like crazy all afternoon.

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The Canadian said...

Soooo fun!!! I remember Scout's first bridge! Damn, she was scared, it did make us belly laugh too!!! :) Puppies are awesome!