Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are Moose Solitary Creatures?

Each morning I drive along the fence that marks a boundary to one of our beautiful national parks. I consider myself blessed to be so close to untouched wilderness. This morning as I neared the highway, I noticed moose laying in the snow. Slowing, I began counting them. There's one moose in the area that I've been watching. I'm a bit worried it's dying. So I pay extra attention. But today, today there were 10 (ten!!!!) moose all laying in the same area.

This blew me away. I had always though moose were solitary creatures, going through life in ones or twos.

Tonight, when I reached the park and my road I once again began watching the moose. Curious to see if they were all still there or if they'd dispersed. Over a stretch of a 1/2 mile I saw 8 moose and 1 deer. While I can count on seeing wildlife by the fence, it's unusual to see such large numbers. I would guess the deep snow (it's up to my thigh in the garden area of my yard) would have something to do with it.
So, my blogosphere readers, you tell me: Are moose solitary creatures? Or is this abnormal? I'd genuinely like to know. Don't make me resort to a Google search...


Jennifer said...

Perhaps they find safety in numbers? lol! I have a huge respect for moose as I hit one with my car...Base line and RR 223, an almost full grown calf - I knocked his legs out and he came right through the windshield of my 1999 Ford Escort. Life altering experience! The cow was running around calling for her baby and I barely made it off the road...scary,the wildlife people had to shoot the bull calf...an experience I will never forget.

Have you googled Moose - animal symbolism? I started to do that when a badger moved in by my arena...I find animal symbolism informative and entertaining. :) Have a great day! :D

Country Girl said...

My FB friends tell me that it's a rare and special site. The moose are bedding down like that because of the snow and for safety.