Monday, January 17, 2011

The Final Decision

After an unbelievable amount of angst and stress, I've made a decision. While Jennifer is correct that keeping them all truly makes my heart sing, it's just not the right decision for me, and the animals. I've decided that I'll let Diva go to Nick. While it tears me up because I really do appreciate and adore her, I think she'll shine more with her own human in a quieter environment. Something I can't provide.

What made the idea settle was yesterday when I was playing with the babies, Luke kept taking over the play. She was always second fiddle to him. And that's not ok. She deserves better. I think Nick will love her. She'll get to work stock every day of her life which is better than play to a Border Collie. I believe in the deepest depths of my heart that she will very likely be more happy there than here.

I'm incredibly sad because I think she has the stuff to make a trial dog, but will never get her chance to be the star. But am comforting myself with the fact that she'll be his star. He'll treasure what she contributes to his farm and life. And, as with any of my pups, should anything happen, I will buy her back no questions asked.

While this may not be the right decision for me, I'm quite certain it's the right thing for her. And that's the most important part. She'll remain here until the stray is taken care of. And that'll be hard for me. But I'll take her cuddles and sweetness while I can, before turning her over to her new family, for them to love.

Luke - the future herder.

Reba - queen stalker and herder of today.

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MTWaggin said...

Very well put Andrea, although it may not feel like the right decision for YOU it is for HER. That shows your heart is in the right place.