Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wet Saddle Pads

I've been managing to get 3-4 rides in a week lately.  Jason's suggestion of wet saddle pads is equating a sore rump for me!  We've been averaging about an hour duration.  The goal is to get her to pack her head in a steady manner.  No more nose flicking or bobbing.  Today as I was riding around I thought that we just may be making some progress!  She's starting to carry her head lower and is giving to the bit rather than fighting every motion.  I have a walk, jog, trot, lope and canter now.  Before we had a jig, frantic trot and a verging out of control canter.

Here she is after today's ride.  It was a good one.

All in all, becoming more of a pleasure to ride.  It seems those wet saddle pads are paying off...


Christine said...

What does the wet saddle pad do?

Country Girl said...

Wet saddle pad is a western term basically meaning putting lots of miles on the horse or hours in the saddle.

With this particular horse she gets hot (hyper-stressed), so the work helps to make her calmer. Basically, I'm working on taking out the bad habits her old rider has caused. This mare gets really worked up and worried about stuff, so we do lot's and lot's of calm down type exercises until she learns she doesn't have to fear or react - that my reactions will always be soft and moderate.