Monday, July 11, 2011

Reba's New Trick

The other day I thought I was going crazy.  *insert snide remark here*  But I wasn't.  I use baby gates to partition off the house.  There are dog barriers excluding them from certain rooms or keeping them in others.  I often separate the dogs to make my life easier.

The strange thing was that Reba seemed to be everywhere.  It wasn't until the large (waist high) baby gate came crashing down that I figured out what she was doing.  Reba, has turned into a jumper!  To test my theory I put her on one side of a standard gate, went to the other side and called her.  And she walked up to the gate before bouncing over.  Amazing!  We had some fun zipping back and forth over the gate and she was really enjoying it.

Sooooo.... based on that..... I've decided to register her in a basic agility class.  We start on Wednesday.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??  Reba's going to test the waters of the agility world, something I never thought would happen with my serious little girl.

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The Canadian said...

Coool!! I love that you CAN still teach an old dog new tricks! That means it's not too late for me to learn something new too!! Yippee!