Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Kindness is an amazing thing, really.  It's something that a little goes a long way, and when given becomes contagious making others also want to be kind.  Or at least me.  This morning I hauled over to Jason's for another lesson.

It started at 9 am.  We once again by doing warm up work with no cattle or flag.  Once again he gave me some suggestions that caused immediate improvement in the horse.  We moved onto the flag and were progressing nicely.  She's showing improvement and that's all I can ask at this point.  Jason had a big client coming for some live cattle work/lesson.  They arrived while I was cooling out, as Jason went and switched out the horse he was on, I dismounted and made my way to the gate.

I was slightly startled when he told me I didn't have to get off if I wasn't done riding.  That I could continue to ride and watch during the next set of lessons.  Wow, what a great learning experience.  Bacardi had lost her cool when the other horses arrived so it wasn't an optimal "quit" time.  I ended up staying there, riding until noon.  Bacardi also lost her cool when the cattle entered the arena.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't any help as a turn back horse, but I did learn lots and had the opportunity to watch some high end cutters work cattle.

I'm headed out again on Friday and Bacardi will get another wet saddle pad.  Jason has invited me to stay and help hold herd while he trains.  This is a great opportunity for me to watch and learn and for Bacardi to learn patience and manners when cattle are present.  It really blew me away how kind Jason was.  Let's face it - he doesn't have to do anything above and beyond my lesson, but he is.  I'm thinking I may be making some Cinnamon Buns Thursday night...

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