Friday, July 1, 2011


My dearest friend called me up in a fluff the other night.  Her young dog (we're talking three or less here) was peeing when she'd lie down.  My suggestion was a vet visit.  It seems that her wonderful healthy and fit dog has incontinence.  What left me flabbergasted was what her vet told her.  Her vet said that it was common in spayed dogs.  Really??  I'd never heard of anything like that, and I'm around a whole lotta dog people.

So, me being me, asked my vet what the deal was with it.  Of course this strikes close to home as I had Diva at the vets on Thursday getting spayed.  So I REALLY wanted to get some information.  Sam explained that current research is showing that incontinence in females is being linked to lack of estrogen.  She did say that while it happens she wouldn't consider it common.  Meaning, the likelihood of something like this happening to one of my dogs is slim.  (Well, at least before they're geriatric.)  Phew!


MTWaggin said...

It does happen but it is NOT common. Your friend definitely needs to get another opinion and have some testing done. There could be many other reasons for it to happen. Me being me - I'd be out online searching for other possibilities and if there is a way to rule those out before just writing it off to "a girl thing".

The Canadian said...

Uh oh!! Now I am worried!!!!