Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surrender To The Moment

Accept the moment.  Surrender to the moment.  Yield to the moment.

This is the advice Ken gave me yesterday.  It's funny how perceptions impact you.  I look at Reba and I perceive that she should be a certain way.  The biggest thing I learned yesterday was to let go.  Look at what the dog's behavior is telling me and then deal with it.  Don't think about what it should be, might be, could be.  Just deal with what is happening in that moment in time.  Deal with it crisply, fairly and kindly.  Deal with it in a happy manner.  She isn't behaving to be "naughty" but her behavior simply highlights where she is at that moment in time.

Ken looked at me and said I should be training her the way I'm training the babies.  (Whom he thinks I'm doing a good job with.)  He believes that my struggles with Reba have taught me to be such a better trainer and the babies are benefiting from it.  He thinks the moment I fully and completely let go and exist in the moment I'll start to see huge strides in her growth and learning.  Our goal is short, happy working sessions.

Ironically, yesterday I had decided I would no longer consider selling her.  This morning I received a phone call from a man who's called a number of times.  He's coming out this afternoon.  The only reason I'm still entertaining the thought is because I think it would be a marvelous home for her.  She would go into a home where she'd be helping a rancher who happens to be wheel chair bound do chores.  This is a far more meaningful existence than a trial dog.  This is a home where she'd be valued.  If he is serious, I'm planning to offer to do some custom training with her.  Things like working off quads, working with a horse, and working cattle.  I wouldn't ask more for having done the training because it's the right thing to do.  We shall see what happens.


The Canadian said...

OOO, soo exciting!!! Here's hoping it all works out the way it is meant to! :)
And you are an awesome trainer. You are open minded and willing to learn, that is what makes you the best!!!

Jennifer said...

Right On Andrea! We should chat one day soon! :)

MTWaggin said...

All those moments come along for a reason too. I think Ken is right, you are so opening up to the moment both with Reba and the babies! Please let us know how the meeting with the rancher goes and I know that if it is the right fit, you will let her go, as hard as that may be.