Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving On

I feel awkward.  Yesterday, Reba met a man who fell in love with her.  Someone who was keen to give her pets and love.  Someone who could use her legs and "helping hand".  I kinda feel as though in letting her go I've quit on her.  Given up.  I've always known she'd make a trial dog.  It was me who needed to bear down and do some training.  Now I'll be doing some training.  Just nothing targeted for the trial field.

I'll be working with Reba on cattle.  I'll be working Reba off of horseback.  I'll be teaching Reba to jump on and ride a quad.  And then I'll be saying good bye to Reba.  I know she'll have a good home.  They've already invited me to go on their cattle drive.  And her new owner was smitten with her.  He understood when I told her too much pressure would make her freeze up.  He loved how eager she was to work.  He quite frankly loved her even though she didn't have the best work she's ever had.  And the fact that he was able to see and appreciate who she is, is why I'm willing to let her go.  The fact that she'll be valued and used, loved and treasured, makes it worthwhile for Reba to leave my house for another.

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MTWaggin said...

I am so happy for Reba and proud of you. It isn't easy to see them go but you totally know in your heart this is where she belongs and hey! how cool to get to train her for something different! The universe is saying she isn't supposed to be your trial dog and that she was meant for bigger things (and really isn't this "bigger"?). YAY!!! I know you are sad but I'm so excited and can't wait to hear how the new training goes. You are going to be such an awesome all around trainer with all this. Learning for both of you! :)