Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kennel Cough

After my vet run today, (Ryder needed his ears checked.) I zipped into town to get my dog food.  Because the cheapest place to buy it is so close to the place where I take Diva for classes, I swung past to pick up a new tug toy.  (Ryder is beating up my hands - I wanted something longer.)

Posted on their door was a Kennel Cough notice.  They stated that they wanted all dogs vaccinations current (which is normal) and that all dogs should get a Kennel Cough booster.  When I spoke with the lady at the counter, she said it's a particularly virulent strain and the owner's vet clinic has seen 5 cases come in this week.  Apparently, the vaccine company has noted that there is a Canada wide outbreak right now.  (This is NOT verified, just via word of mouth.)

Because Reba, Diva and Ryder do a fair amount, and because people come to my place, I've decided it's a good idea to put a call in to the vet and get her opinion.  I'd rather do the shot unnecessarily than infect everything here at home.  And the fun continues...


Phantom Ridge Border Collies said...

My dogs get kennel cough at least once a year because I do so many lessons and I have dogs coming and going all the time. Vaccinated or not they are still going to get it. It is just like the common cold not worth vaccinating for. I think our dogs are over vaccinated as it is. I give them rabies because I need it to cross the border.

Country Girl said...

Having spoke with my vet clinic, I'll boost Diva who goes to the facility for classes, and leave the rest with their once/year standard vaccinations - which include kennel cough. I have too much dog traffic to and from my place to not do it.

The interesting thing I learned today is your dog is more likely to get kennel cough in an indoor situation (or close and confined quarters) than outdoors.

Thanks Louanne for the insight. The vet agrees if they're going to get it, they will. However, they do think the shot helps lessen the symptoms. :)