Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photography Clinic

Yesterday I took a photography clinic learning how to take "good" pictures of horses.  By no means do I have a fancy camera.  I have a Canon PowerShot A710 IS.  I do plan to upgrade to a fancier Nikon or Canon in the not too distant future so I thought I'd do what I can, with what I have, and learn as much as possible.  I definitely learned about the camera's limitations!  Thanks to the ridiculous amounts of rain we've been receiving, the clinic had to be held in the arena which was not optimal.  (I know, I know - if it was dry I'd be complaining too!)  I didn't edit any of the photos, so what you see is straight up what I took.

This first shot I loved the contrast of the blaze, with the dark horse and was trying to get a nice shot of all the silver on the bridle.

I liked the horse's expression here.  Plus, it showed off the fancy bridle.

In this picture are the barn owners, with one of their horses.  I liked how the horse was looking away showing off it's typey neck.

Here I was just messing around with angles.  Trying for a 3/4 shot.

This final picture was my favorite from the entire day!  I loved how the mare and Hedi's expressions both looked so happy.  It highlighted the relationship between the horse and owner.  Plus the horse is just straight pretty!


MTWaggin said...

Too fun! I am jealous! You did a great job and I'm finding that camera limitations or not - I'm not the most technically perfect shooter but I don't care as much anymore as I'm way more interested in the "feeling" conveyed and am working more on that. I loved that you really got some nice interpetations! Great Job.

BCxFour said...

that last picture is quite lovely...well done!

Country Girl said...