Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This is me doing the excited happy dance!  Today, I submitted via the Internet, Guinness' registration package.  I can't wait to get the paper copy!  The names I settled on (in order) are: Single Malt Whiskey, Luv A Rainy Night, Just Call Me Mr, Just Riding Fences, Bar U Legacy, and Sweet Sunny Daze.

Half the fun now is waiting to find out what his "official" name ends up being.  As part of the package I had to submit 5 pictures.  This is devilishly hard to do with a baby - especially a baby who isn't halter broke yet.  I've decided to let AQHA figure out what his color is - I think he's a dun but I could be wrong.

While fun and exciting, the simple reality is because he'll be gelded it really doesn't matter if his color is exact or what name he ends up with.  What matters is that I love him, have grand dreams and plans for him, and I'm out there pestering him daily.  (Thank goodness Whiskey is so easy going!)


MTWaggin said...

I like the Single Malt Whiskey great first choice!

The Canadian said...

Ooo so exciting! Can't wait to hear the name!