Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poop Head

"Just Call Me Poop Head."

Reba, who is not known for her poop rolling abilities found some of the stinkiest stench out there this morning.  The end result was such a hideous smell that a bath was necessary.  Reba felt her shame very strongly, giving me her best sad eyes.


MTWaggin said...

Clean hair is even better to roll in stuff with!!!! I did the poodle bath and groom Monday night, Mom said yesterday morning he was laying in a pile of dust on the family room floor. She asked why I bothered with a bath. Sigh. He just loves zooming around in the dirt what can I say. They are dogs! :)

The Canadian said...

Good old "poop head" there's one in every crowd! LOL

Lindsay said...

Soooooo... I remembered this post and felt the need to share Lex's experience tonight. I went to the barn after our agility class and crated her in Doodles' crate...

Unbeknownst to me... Doodles had treasure in her crate.

So when I let her out about a half hour later, she blasts out at me, and as I'm putting her collar back on, I notice this funny smell...

"Did you do something bad in Doodles' crate?" I ask, before peering in to see if I can locate any poop, or something. Not that she's ever pooped in a crate in her life.

I don't see poop, but I see something suspicious... something that looks like maybe the remains, of, well.. something dead.

Turns out it was a gopher. The kids were shooting gophers, oh...six or so days ago? And Doodles hid one in her crate. Oh, joy. Sweet, succulent canine treasure.

Thank god for washracks. She didn't even have to get in my car. I think I'd have died if she had to get in my car.

Nothing like rotting, maggot covered gophers to make your dog smell like something the...well...dogs drug in! Ewwwwww.

Needless to say...we tossed blankets, tossed gopher, washed the crate, bleached the crate, and Doodles got a bath too. And my skin is still crawling. Maggots. YUCK!