Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Sunday was a grand day. One filled with warm sunshine, doggy smiles and giggles. This may seem strange for people but I was excited to "catch" Tessa in a seizure/stroke. Her head lifted off her bed, and her body went rigid with her legs splayed out. It didn't last a terribly long time and she didn't seem to be in pain. Then next day she had a crazy day. I feel I have something I can share with the vet to help us narrow things down. Strange to be happy about that but I am.

Sunday, with my mom's help the four Borders and I went for a walk down the road. It had to be short because Tessa was limping and quite bug eyed. Next, I brushed Roxy, discovering some skin ickies (either a staph or girth rot), which I treated. I had fun taking pictures of the furry family (pictures coming as soon as I can get the Internet to cooperate), and took a break for lunch.

After lunch I hopped in the truck with Diva. We met Lynne and Zoey at the dog park - which was packed. On the way home, Tracy called asking if she could come work her dog - giving me just enough time to go to the washroom and grab a snack. We worked Jeter who showed a tremendous amount of improvement over his last work. And then she helped me play with the puppies.

I came in for supper, before going back out to do my evening chores.

It's funny how a little sun and warmth can change a person's attitude. I was soooo happy. It was a great day.

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MTWaggin said...

I KNOWWWWWW! Wasn't the sun glorious??? My kids all layed out on the front deck in the sunshine while Mom cleaned. It felt so good to be able to kick them all outside to play (front and back) so I could clean without stepping on them (or freaking them out with the vaccum). Tomorrow's plans include bunny hole patrol in the Back 40 so they can have even more room to run! Yeehaw!

Glad you saw Tess seize and it isn't unusual for them to be discombobulated (is that a word? she asks the teacher) for a day or two after. All information and observation is good keep us posted! Can't wait to see pics.