Monday, March 21, 2011

Full Circle

Isn't it funny how things tend to work out? I've been contemplating life around the horses. With Roxy (who don't get me wrong - is a nice horse) not working out as a futurity horse, I've been pondering which direction I want to go in with the horses. I know I want to sell Roxy. Nice horse or not, she's not the horse for me. I'll plan to wait until after summer, when I've been able to put more miles on her and have her a bit more finished. I'm looking forward to working cattle and having some fun.

One thing I noticed at the Clint Swales clinic is good training travels across disciplines. One of the exercises he repeatedly had student's using was one I had learned from an old rancher/horse trainer in Consort. It seems funny that this alcoholic's training techniques are proving to come up again, and again. (Grant is/was an outstanding trainer - back in the day.) I might just drive down and do some riding with him this summer. And I plan to take in some more instruction from Clint.

The question on my mind, is once Roxy is re-homed, what do I want to do? I'm confident I want to do something that involves cattle. As much as I enjoy the jumping stuff, I love the cattle work. Do I want to buy a finished cutting horse and go down the road? Do I want to buy another rope horse and return to that world? Pretty sure working cow horse isn't for me. *reining, yawn* Barrels? Ranch rodeo?

I'm not sure. Right now I'm teetering between roping (miss it so much) and cutting (oh so challenging). Which way to go? Time will tell. I suppose you could say the fun is in the journey.


MTWaggin said...

o-mok-see? heehee

I know I'm mean aren't I?

Rising Rainbow said...

Alcohol won't change good basics just probably make people less likely to trust them. Same with drugs, there's a trainer I know who has had quite an extensive drug history but when you could get him to work with a horse he could do wonders. The problem was the drugs got in the way and messed with his motivation. Sad to see alcohol and drugs mess with people's talents like that.

Yupe, funny how life can do that. I'm trying to figure out which direction I will go right now too.

Jennifer said...

Good luck on your journey! I love the cow horse heart sings it out loud! :) lol! Did you notice? ;)

Country Girl said...



I learned a lot from Grant. He really is talented. But yes, the alcohol is a major road block. He's the guy some of the "big" names send horses to. Or used to anyway.

Riding makes my heart sing. lol