Thursday, March 24, 2011


My spring break is creeping close. I can't wait! When I sat down with my schedule it sure didn't look like much of a break. Here's how it's coming together...

Friday (March 25): I have to take my truck in for a check up in the morning. On the way to the shop I plan to drop Diva and Ryder off at daycare for some play. In the afternoon I have people coming out to work dogs.

Saturday (March 26): In the morning I'm bringing Tessa, Reba and Diva in to get their nails trimmed. In the afternoon, I'm going to see a professional dance presentation. (Forget the name.)

Sunday: Thinking about a Drayton Valley run... it'll either happen this day or Monday.

Monday: Diva has class #2 for her agility groundwork.

Tuesday: I have an appt. in the morning, so I'll do another day with Ryder and Diva at daycare while I do that.

Wednesday: Busy day. Tessa goes into the vet for her testing. She'll spend most of the day there. I'll drop Ryder and maybe Diva at daycare when I run Tess in. While Tessa's at the vet, I'm off to check out a farm for sale. Then in the afternoon, I pick up Tessa and Ryder gets his ears rechecked.

Thursday: I'm off to Calgary to see my dearest friend who just had a baby. I think I'll take Ryder with me.

Friday: I'm dropping the pups off at daycare. In the evening I'm driving up to Valleyview.

Saturday: I'm in Valleyview doing a stockdog clinic. Home that night.

Sunday: I have NO commitments!!!!!

Monday: Back at work.

All around these activities I'll also be training dogs, riding horses and all the regular chores and things that need to happen. It sure doesn't seem like much of a holiday right now. Perhaps I should have booked that trip south...


Anonymous said...


I'm the reader who commented once re: your struggles with Tessa. I hope her testing tomorrow goes well for you :)

Commenting now though, because I noticed you're heading up to valleyview for the stock dog clinic. Me too... my pup might be a touch young (just six months) but the organizer said she wasn't, and we've worked on ducks some and she's tried quite valiantly and with some degree of success to herd my friend's sheep while we were out helping at lambing... and I grew up around there so have friends and family to see...So I figured, if nothing else, I'll learn something from it..and boy oh boy do I need to. She's my first pup. Kind of stressed about it, though.. she's decided her recall is sketchy..must remember my long string...and to be bluntly honest about where we're at...and hopefully I don't embarrass us too badly :-\

At any rate... isn't the clinic sunday too? I thought it was fri night/sat/sun but I could be off base.

I envy you your knowledge and experience and ability and confidence with your dogs... I'm finding it very daunting, some days...


PS. Your holidays sound like mine. Holiday? What holiday? :)

Country Girl said...

Yea Lindsay, I'm looking forward to meeting you! I'm only going up for one day. Simply needed a day of rest. You will learn lot's, don't worry about your pup. Many are ready to go at that age. I'm just making the choice to wait. You'll get it interested in the sheep and aim for circling both directions.

ALL pups loose their ability to listen. Amazing really. And the stock will just make it worse. Just remember every handler there will have been in the same shoes as you. :)

I too hope Tess's stuff goes well. Fingers crossed!