Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puppy Update

All the babies that have new homes seem to be doing well. I thought I'd share with you a bit that I know about them.

1) Ryder - is with me still. What a sucky baby! The little fart consistently is getting me up in the middle of the night. I've finally (yes, I was a bit slow on the uptake!), discovered he's doing this because he's lonely, not because he needs to go potty. I've been a bad, bad owner by caving (I'm too tired to deal with it right now, and have created a monster!) and allowing Mr. Baby sleep on the bed. Which makes him happy, and I get to sleep straight through to the alarm. This dog L.O.V.E.S to cuddle. He's doing well at Happy Pet Spa (daycare), and is starting to develop positive social skills. He's not dominate at home but can be possessive or protective, especially when on leash. Much, much better off leash. He likes to play and is a fun companion right now. He had been started on stock (cattle) and is very keen to continue his training. I'm waiting on a few things. More news (hopefully) to follow on this.

2) Diva - still with me. She's being a little rotter right now. Definitely in the throes of adolescence! She suddenly can't hear. Or listen. All around bratty. This means she gets kept on the cord. And I need to step up her training, she has forced me to go back to the basics. Her first agility class was on Monday and she was bratty. She even snarked at the dogs! I was not impressed. She's been doing well going to the dog park so I was a bit startled. With spring break starting she'll get a lot of time. Plus on Friday she'll go to Doggy Daycare for some additional socialization. She's very athletic and FAST! Also keen to start on stock. She'll have to wait until winter decides to leave and I can put some consistent time into her. I'm planning on getting her going May/June. She loves to travel and runs to my truck, trying to get in even when its not her time to go.

3) Luke - is doing well with Stacy. They are bonding and he's been making positive progress with his training as an agility dog. He's smart and motivated, and is showing off his funny little personality. I can't wait to see him competing. All the males are turning into pretty big dogs.

4) Zoey - also doing well. She has great social skills, and lots of personality. Lynne and I meet and go to the dog park, as well, they are attending the same agility class as I am. She's a gorgeous dog. The largest female. Lynne is eagerly and nervously waiting until she gets to start working her. Zoey has a lot of energy and desire to work. Currently busy herding cats.

5) Rayne (Chloe) - is having some trouble becoming well adjusted socially. Which surprises me because she was the nicest baby. She's been attending a doggy daycare and is very smart, picking up on her training well. Adorable, and well marked.

6) Ty - is living in Saskatchewan. He's doing well and is turning into a large male. He's progressing well with his basic training (lie down, recall, etc.) and hasn't started on stock yet. He'll be started come spring. (Will it ever get here?) Kelly is very happy with him and says he seems pretty smart. Which makes me happy. It sounds like Ty is part of the family.

7) Grace - deceased.

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