Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been buried under the pile of report cards and student teacher mentoring - all of which has bit into my "fun" time. But I've still been doing things. Here are some quick tidbits from my little corner of the world.

Ryder has started Doggy Daycare. He's doing okay - getting into a routine. It means I'm up at 6 to get him into the neighboring city, before driving to the city I work in. A bit of schmozz but worth it. He's been getting drops in his ears - which he just looooooovvvves. *feel the sarcasm*

Diva has been feeling a bit left out. She runs to my truck and sits by the door, or if I'm unloading my work bags will hop in and is the devil to get out. This little girl really likes to travel! I've been bringing her in while I get ready for work in the morning. Giving her some attention and love. She starts her class on Monday - and I can't wait!

Reba's happily eating her herbs. Still too soon to see a difference. She's still a cranky pants.

Tessa has been sore, not able to do much. During my spring break she'll go in for some further tests. Haven't heard anything from the herb lady who was supposed to get back to me. Sketchy that.

Roxy's getting foxy and Whiskey's belly is HUGE! I'll try to get pics this weekend. Tonight I hitch up the trailer. Roxy and I head off to a working cow horse clinic on Saturday. Looking forward to that!

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