Friday, March 11, 2011

Outta The Box

I'm very curious to hear what you people out in the Blogger-sphere think about this. I have stepped outside of the box. I believe that God has created a world in which we may not always understand things. I believe He created a world full of differences and individuals, and this is what makes things so interesting. I believe things happen for a reason, we just may not understand it at the time.

It's been very hard for me to understand why Tessa's health has failed so quickly and dramatically. She's only 10 years old, which in my mind, isn't really that old. I won't lie. I'm a bit angry and frustrated around the whole situation. Which has led me to this question:

Can people "communicate" with animals? (Pet psychics if you will.)

Do you believe in this? What are your thoughts?

While gathering some herbal supplements for Reba, I stumbled upon an animal communicator. The things she said about Reba, some of which she would have had no way of knowing, were quite accurate. (I had Reba "read" for fun.) Later that night, after I got off the phone with her, I discovered Tessa had once more eliminated on the floor. Taking a leap of faith, I email the lady and asked her to "read" Tess.

Last night I had the chance to talk with her about Tessa. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I am grasping at straws here, making me an easy target to sell stuff to. On the other hand, I genuinely want to help Tessa. I want her to be healthy and live happily into her golden years. I'm willing to take chances. And I do believe there are things in this world we can't explain.

Tessa's reading didn't give me the same level of information from Reba. It was more generic. Basically it focused on her health issues and what I can purchase to "help" her. Part of the problem for me is I do believe in holistic health practices, but I'm also practical enough to know that herbs and natural treatments can't fix or help everything. This makes me feel a bit sceptical. I'm having enough trouble getting her to take the meds she's already on. Will buying a bunch of things that will be a fight to feed her help?

With Tessa the lady said she has kidney problems (with a dog having incontinence issues - this is not a surprise), has pain in her hips (again, with her history not a shock), wants the whole health supplement. However, she didn't say anything about the random crazy days - well at least until I asked about. Then, she comes up with these days are caused by a potassium-sodium imbalance. And that's where all her problems are coming from. That her kidneys are causing her to go crazy or into a fugue. I'm not at peace with these results. A lot of it was what I'd call a no brainer. With her history and medical issues something that makes sense. This dog is on a ton of meds to help with her problems with limited success. I will be sharing this with my vet - who does have an open mind. And it's okay with me if people mock me. I will do everything in my power to keep my Tess with me for as long as reasonable. Does this make me an easy "mark"? For sure. But what if...

Thoughts, my friends?


Jennifer said...


I totally understand. I believe that we can all communicate with animals. Sometimes we just don't listen. The lady you spoke to is quite good at it. She is human and sometimes she makes mistakes too but she can give you a different perspective when it all seems confusing. The herbs are effective. Learn to muscle test Andrea. Find the answers yourself.


MTWaggin said...

Okay, here we go. I totally believe in animal communicators however, that said, some are and some aren't. I have been blessed to find one who really is. (remember Louie? and now Star?) As with everything trust your gut...if you don't feel they are for real, probably aren't. As for Tess, 10 is old for some, heck 5 is old for some. The Greater Power is the only one that knows. You need to do what you must to help keep her comfy and with some quality of life. That said, I have a 13 y/o and she (and many other dogs) have a type of old dog dementia. There are times she really doesn't know where she is and will, for her, just freeze up until we gently bring her back. Those are getting more frequent. For her I will know when she no longer wags her terrier tail, she's ready to move on. Wasn't so easy last year when I had 2 failing - one with kidney disease (diagnosed a year prior) and one with congestive heart failure (diagnosed 2 years prior). We did holistic treatments and traditional treatments to keep their quaility of life good, when they started downhill I struggled as you are. When both would not eat I knew it was time. We aren't always so lucky to have those signs. You are not weird to reach out for alternatives, commminicators and all - it is part of the journey for both you and Tess and there will be lessons learned by you from this as well. You are connected with Tess by heartstrings, by your writing I'd say neither your or Tess are ready for her to move on. Just don't stop asking the question but try not to obsess over it either. Okay I've rambled....Sherry