Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sometimes I think things happen for a reason. Initially, I was a bit perturbed and upset that Ryder was needing a new home. I felt I had let him down with my initial placement. Having had Ryder home for a smidge over a week, I now wonder if he didn't come back to me for a reason.

Through the angst of having Tessa break down before my eyes, I have this little lovable pup now living in my house. Not part of the original plan for sure. It is, I think, a blessing in disguise. Ryder, strangely enough, is very similar to my Tess when she was a pup. He's not as hyper. But he certainly shares some of her qualities.

He has a great personality. Happy to be with his human, he loves cuddles, and is fun to be around. He'll play tug with me, make these funny groaning sounds, howl when he's put in jail (not necessarily a positive but a definite Tessa trait!) and he has this innocent joyful expression. One that Tessa still has on her good days. And on her bad days, he's the one who clambers up into my lap, wiggling his body into mine, licking any available place on my body while I cry.

I'm not the only one who has noticed the similarities. It's made me wonder, "Has Ryder come back to me to ease the pain of Tessa's passing?"

Something to ponder.

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Christine said...

I somehow missed the tale of how you ended up with Ryder back at home. Also, need pictures!