Thursday, March 10, 2011


As promised, I have some horse news. Roxy who has spent the majority of the last year in training on a cutting futurity track will be coming home. While very promising as a two year old, she's too small as a three year old and physically unable to do/take the training required to be successful on the futurity circuit.

I had been a bit frustrated with the lack of communication from the trainer. She had left near the end of January and I hadn't heard anything, which was a concern for me. Apparently emails were sent out, and I got missed. Last night I called Jason and we discussed the various options for an hour. I had been putting a lot of thought into selling Roxy. One of those gut feeling things. Looks like my gut was right.

Jason recommends sitting on her. He said because of her age I won't get her true valuation if I try to sell her now. Simply because people won't believe something this young can be well trained. He says she's a very, very nice horse, just too small to take the training. He wishes she had grown more. He believes if I wait until she's closer to four years old, then I should be able to get six to ten thousand for her. He said to go ahead and ride her. Play, have fun, do things, even put some cattle work into her on my own. He didn't believe she would finish a high enough calibre to justify spending the training money. I could buy something nice and finished for what I'd spend.

On Sunday I'll go pick her up. It looks like I'll have something to ride, albeit something small. Let's hope the round bale helps her grow and fill out.


The Canadian said...

Here's to the round bale!!!

MTWaggin said...

I'm sure she'll be glad to be home and it is nice that you and the trainer were able to come to a clear consensus! Let her come home and eat eat eat! :)