Friday, July 10, 2009


Once again I was on the road today.  Tessa, Joe and I were off to collect up Whiskey.  You see, the stallion's owner had called to say that my mare had only showed one day of heat and then her and the stallion (Hook) settled in like a pair of old geldings.  This created an undue amount of anxiety as the vet had ultrasounded, found nothing and gave me an estimate of when she'd be coming in.  Which would have been last week.

Brad had kindly offered to keep her and just kick her and Hook out into one of the quarters but I thought I'd best check in with the vet.  According to the vet there is two possibilities.  One - she's open.  Two - she's preggers but the fetus was hiding when we checked on the second day.  Yikes.  Here's hoping it's option two and we don't have to make another trek to Brownfield.

I'll find out next Thursday whether she's open or knocked up.  Fingers crossed!

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