Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Loss of Pressure

To put it mildly, yesterday was a stressful day for me.  With the sale of Buddy I felt equal parts relief and guilt.  Guilt because my gut (which is never wrong) says there is something not quite right with the horse, and here I was fobbing him off on someone else.  After his display would I have bought him?  Absolutely not!!!  Relief because he is no longer my problem.  

I knew he stressed me out but what I didn't realize is how much he stressed out those people around me.  My sweetie expressed his thanks that the horse was gone, he spoke of how worried he had been that this horse was really and seriously going to hurt me.  (Sweetie is an experienced horse person too.)  My mom was happy and thankful the horse was gone.  She expressed her concerns about him being a danger to everyone around him.  (Mom has her own horse experience - she used to ride horses to school!)  

Even after he was gone I remained a tense ball of nerves.  Feeling as though I had done something bad or dishonest by selling him.  In reality, the horse displayed his true colors clearly to the purchasing people and yet they still chose to buy him.  To help me let go my mom loaded up her bike, I laced up my running shoes, and we (including Tessa) went to the nearby park.  Mom biked while Tessa and I ran the short (about 5 kms) loop.  With each stride I could feel the tension drain out of my body.

After we returned home, I hopped in my car and drove the five miles to the local gas station where I bought Ice Cream treats and rootbeer - to celebrate Buddy's sale.  Last night mom and I gorged ourselves on ice cream and today I'm looking forward to a rootbeer float (pop poured over ice cream - yum!).  I also plan on doing some celebratory baking (my form of therapy) today.

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