Saturday, July 4, 2009

Belly Ache?

The most interesting conversation occurred last night as I drove to the middle of nowhere for a dog trial.  On the phone was a man named Hollywood.  Hollywood is a cowboy who I used to do College Rodeo with.  Back in the day he was a man's man and could be very cowboy with his horsemanship practices.  

I was telling him about Buddy and how I can't quite get him figured out.  His response was maybe he has a belly ache.  As my jaw flapped loosely in the wind he proceeded to tell my about this German guru who comes to Canada periodically and does homeopathic work with horses.  He explained how they discovered how his head horse has an ulcer and how once they followed this man's diet the horse became much calmer and lost some it's weird quirks.  How the mare that wouldn't catch had a twisted ovary and caught immediately after the voodoo doctor got finished with her.  All very interesting.  As I struggled to wrap my brain around the words coming out of Hollywood's mouth (it was a wee bit disconcerting), a plan began to form.

I'm going to do some things with Buddy - to see if it's not an internal problem causing his personality problems.  And with Hollywood's help am going to try and track down this master of horse voodoo to see if I can't get Buddy down to see him.  In my mind its worth a shot.  You never know maybe it's something that simple.

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