Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Horse Shopping??

At a bit of a crossroad, I've been scanning through the horse classified ads.  As of right now I have a lovely 10 year old mare who (fingers crossed - find out tomorrow) should be bred and as such will have a holiday from riding, and a yearling filly.  Basically, I have two horses, neither of which I can ride.  And I crave riding right now.  Not so much trail riding but focused doing something, anything riding.

After the Buddy debacle, I think I'll steer clear of anything young.  I've decided I need a stress free and fun horse.  Something I can hop on and ride.  Something that won't turn into a train wreck if it doesn't get rode 7 days a week.  Part of me wants an old rope horse I can putter around on and when I'm ready, move back into the heading box.  Part of me wants something I can show the local circuits with.  I really don't care about breeds, other than some feelings of nostalgia for the Arabians I used to show.  Ultimately, I think for the summer I may look into finding a lease horse.  Then save my dollars and purchase something later once I figure out what I want.  

It feels like it's been ages since I've had a low maintenance horse - oh wait - it has been!  (About five years since I sold my steady eddie rope horse.)

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