Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long Day Done

It's been a long day today.  At 7:30 in the morning I hauled Bella (Maremma) into the vet's for her spay appointment.  Being a Livestock Guardian Dog she is not used to being confined or being indoors.  Lindsay the vet tech and I had to heave, ho her inside the building.  Once in she pancaked.  Lindsay, this petite blond thing, looks at my 80 pound dog and proceeds to lift her up!  
With Bella airborne, we head to the kennel area of the clinic, only Bella panics, and with Lindsays arm under her bladder begins to spray pee everywhere, including down the vet tech's leg.  Poor Lindsay, poor Bella - I felt bad for them both.  So I made Cinnamon Buns to bring to the clinic (which I might say were much appreciated).
Once home I took Tessa out for a quick run (with me) before my Cinnamon Bun operation.  In between Cinnamon Buns and Derek the Farrier, I had a quick shower.  Next, Derek trimmed both horses feet.  Once this was complete I zipped over to pick up the trailer and loaded the truck with dogs.
Joe, Tessa, and Reba were all headed to the vet clinic to have their shots.  Whiskey was also headed to the clinic to get preg checked.  Dogs were all great.  Whisket not so much.  It appears Whiskey is confused.  She is clearly not pregnant but sort of thinks she is.  This is why she didn't come into a full heat cycle at the stallions.  So I now have a shot of Lutylase (spelling??) which is a hormone and will cause her to come into heat.
Now all I need to do is figure out when to give her the shot and get her back down to the stallion's place.  

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