Friday, July 31, 2009

Excited, But Scared

My new horse came home today.  Brad had pulled her in from the quarter section she was running on with the broodmare band two days ago, halter broke her for me (well, more or less) and introduced her to Whiskey this morning.  I must admit while I'm excited about her, I'm also kinda scared.  The Buddy fiasco is not far from my mind. 

When I unloaded my as of yet unnamed beauty (in the rough), I couldn't help but compare her to Roxy.  Which had better conformation?  Which had a nicer eye, head, and so on.  Seriously not fair to my new one who's been running wild with no extras, while Roxy has had regular vet, farrier, worming, vaccinations, supplements, and grooming.  So yes, as it stands Roxy looks much nicer - right now.  

My poor new baby has just had an unfortunate growth spurt and is in that very awkward adolescent stage.  But I know she'll balance out.  I know with regular care she'll develop that polished look.  I also know she is easier to handle than Roxy (or Buddy for that matter) was at this stage in her training.  I know she stepped into my knee high trailer without batting an eyelash - not a tantrum in sight.  I know she unloaded quietly, and walked nicely with me into her new pen.  I know she handled the giant white dog, sheep and chickens flapping with wide eyes but no hysterics.

I know I like her and just need to trust myself.  Now, all I need to worry about is a name.  Lucky me, the AQHA has lost the paperwork on Brad's last year foals (we know they had the paper work because they sent out the DNA packages - which they won't do unless a registration is on file), and I may get to pick her registered name as well as her farm name.  Any suggestions?  

Pictures coming tomorrow!

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Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Oh but we must have pics to make a suggestion!!

Name of Sire and dam?

What is the back breeding?

I'd love to play the name game;)

Good luck!!!! It sounds like a promising start.