Friday, July 10, 2009

Now What?

While this might be slightly twisted, I was hoping Buddy's dual personality and wild bucking sprees were the result of a physical ailment.  When I returned from Calgary, I eagerly went out to "test" him.  And the little bugger didn't show any (zip, zero, nada) signs of distress.  According to the tests - he does not have a belly ache, he does not have any "outs" or ouchy spots.

But the fart did threaten to knock my head off when I straightened his sheet.  Sigh.  You know, because I've never done that before (yes I'm being sarcastic).  There I am, in my fashionable black rubbers leaping through the slime as he agiley swings his tucked up arse into my space.  Lovely.  It's moments like those that I contemplate my sanity.

It appears, his issues are more related to the fact that he has two swirls on his forehead.  I didn't know but cowboy logic says that that means the horse is crazy.  (Straight from the cowboy's mouth.)  

I must admit I really hate being wrong.  Normally I have impeccable horse taste.  I have been told I have a good "eye", meaning I'm a pretty good judge of horseflesh.  But this one - I broke my norm - and appear to be paying for it.  I saw him trotting so nicely through his pen, discovered how cheap he was - and viola - was the proud new owner of a horse.  Call me impulsive.  

He has some faults (in my opinion) that would normally make me veer away from purchasing a horse like him.  First off - he has visible white around his eyes, and my grandpa told me horses with white in their eyes are spooky.  Secondly, he has Impressive breeding, which I normally avoid simply because the cowboys don't like it, as they believe they don't make good working horses.  Thirdly, he was running wild as a two year old.  However, he has lovely free movement and is ridiculously athletic.  Plus, he wasn't supposed to grow into the giant he's enroute to becoming.  

Ideally, Buddy would be long gone by now, but here I am stuck with him (and hating every minute!)  What to do...  What to do...


Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Yikes...that sucks. I know that it isnt always logical but I tend to put a bit of stock into those old wise tales the swirl being high or low (high for hyper, low for mellow)...but a double swirl! Are they high or low? *grin*

That is a tough one. Because of my very sketchy past with horses that have not worked out for me I am of the (very harsh) opinion that if they are not working out for you get them GONE (as in ASAP!!) Every trainer I've ever known has had the same opinion. That is not to say that some horses wont work out in the end, with time, hard work and a bit of luck, but the fact is that horses are bloody expensive and even the best of them can be very dangerous and there are a LOT of horses you there to choose find one you that makes you think "this is SO worth it!!" I used to think I "owed" my horse a chance but then I realized that I "owe" myself a horse I LIKE and can ENJOY. Woman are such "fix its", we "stick it out" and "dont give up"... you know? Because I know how tempting it is to say, but what if he turns out to be the best horse I've ever owned! Yah...there is a chance he could turn out amazing. But there is a much higher chance that he could hurt you or someone else...or that you'll spend the next year unhappy, forcing yourself to ride him and and end up right here where you started.

And that is a VERY long explanation of why I say GET HIM GONE! Like, tomorrow!

There are so many good horses out there right this minute that you could have sitting in your barn. How much more excited would you be to get out there and ride if there was?

Country Girl said...

I did try! I even took him to an auction - but with the drought here, people were dumping horses (over 400 head there) and the market effectively crashed. I was willing to take a loss but that went above and beyond loss - so I pulled him from the sale. Nothing is selling out here right now - not even the cheap ones. :(

Leaving me with the unhappy position of having to work with the horse.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

That really sucks! Hmmm.... Is he with a herd right now? Some dominant horses are much easier to work with when they are not with, or next to another horse... I personally have never tried this but I do know people who have tried herbal therapy for their horses...kind of like downers and I know one girl who with some vitamin B12 crumbles brought a horse from nuts to managable! Sometimes like a kid with ADD, you cant get through to them until the edge is taken off... maybe something to look in to!

Country Girl said...

He's by himself - he tends to beat up on everything so he has to live in isolation. (Even chases my dog sheep.) I sometimes wonder if he was cut wrong - demonstrates some stud-ish traits.

I've pondered the herbals - right now he's just on grass.

Try another round of classifieds - lol.

I do agree with you though - life is way too short to have a horse you don't like. Five years ago I would have felt the need to "prove" that I can handle him - or save him - now I just don't care.

I have two other horses that I quite like (one of those is a forever horse), and will feel no sadness when he goes.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Good for you and good luck. He is pretty!!! Bonus! Nice color too.