Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm beginning to think I'm cursed.  Perhaps I'm just crazy collecting animals like there's no tomorrow.  Today, I went into the vet's to pay my latest bill (and yes, what I spend at the vet's would likely feed a poor nation), while I was there I asked Sam about some of the dog issues that having been coming up.  Issues like Bella's continued and excessive butt scootching.  Issues like Joe's nasty diarrhea.  (I have a pretty hardy stomach but cleaning up after the poor soul makes me gag.)  

Long story short, Bella now has a topical cream to be applied twice daily to her hind end which will hopefully stop what Sam thinks may be a minor infection.  And Joe has some antibiotics to help settle his stomach.  Sam gave a fancy name that I don't remember but she thinks he has some doggy illness (likely arrived with it) that we'll treat.  Ha, and here I thought I needed to change his dog food.  

I should know in 7-10 days if both treatments worked.  If they don't, we'll monkey with the dog food in case of allergies.  


The Canadian said...

Your animals are so lucky to have found you! You take awesome care of them! Lucky guys!!!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I agree with Canadian... good momma you are! One thing I've dealt with in my cattle dog is anal gland infections (sorry)... so I get the vet to clear them out every time I go in... has your vet done this?

Country Girl said...

Sadly, yes, my dog's have had their anal glands done, and even more sadly is Bella's post vet-check butt scootching. An anal infection (poor dog!!) is what the vet thinks it is - hence the cream.

Lucky me - swiping her ass twice a day. lol


If there's still a problem Sam (the vet) will be out on the 7th to preg check Whiskey, so I can have her check again.